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Plastic surgeon Panagiotis Sandris

Plastic surgeon Panagiotis Sandris (see CV), with extensive experience in Laser, HIFU and RF treatments and all non-invasive medical aesthetic applications , created in 2005 the exemplar plastic surgery center, LASERMED.

Our highly sophisticated center uses the latest non-invasive therapies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, such as skin tightening using HIFU and RF combined with many types of Laser and injectables. Other treatments, such as cryolipolysis, injection Lipolysis and cavitation-vacuum anti-cellulite treatments combined with endermology are used to perfect body areas.
So we can get a glamorous and youthful face with flawless skin without wrinkles and relaxation, and body with perfect proportions and tight skin without cellulite.
Our basic principles are absolute safety in terms of technique, materials or machines used in therapies, painless application with minimal irritation and respect for the person who will trust our services, with absolute avoidance of excessive and altered features of his face or body.
Greater guarantee for all this could be by the Director, Plastic Surgeon Panagiotis Sandris, with high specialization, experience and excellence in the techniques of applying the therapies in connection with the latest medical devices and its specialized scientific staff.
This gives LASERMED the opportunity to verify his motto: "Lifting without lancet".